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Getting Ahead of IgAN:
A New Treatment Paradigm
for Disease Control Ft. Dr. Brad Rovin

In this episode of the Rare Kidney Disease Show, Dr. Rovin, Professor of Internal
Medicine and Pathology at The Ohio State University and chair of the RKD
Scientific Network and Podcast, discusses advances in the management of IgAN
through a patient case study.

“IgAN progresses more often than we thought and progresses even in patients with low levels of proteinuria.”

“We continue to strive for greater improvements.”

“Approaching IgAN with targeted therapies can affect different aspects of IgAN pathogenesis.”

  • Understanding the Underlying IgAN pathophysiology: Highlight the 4-Hit Hypothesis and the intricate disease mechanism (4:27)
  • IgAN Case Study Introduction (6:57)
  • Treatment Initiation (8:26)
  • Management of Progression: Question the outcomes of initial intervention for this patient (9:50)
  • Foundational Therapy: Optimization for improved outcomes (10:24)
  • Maintenance Options: Explore available therapies to sustain treatment effectiveness (11:05)
  • Postulated Algorithm: Discover an algorithm for inflammation management and proteinuria reduction (11:49)
  • Closing Remarks: Gain insight into future episodes (14:10)

Disclaimer: Guest speakers of the Rare Kidney Disease Show may be paid consultants of Travere Therapeutics.


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MA-DS-24-0011 | June 2024